The crossover between men’s and women’s fashion is no new topic for me. I have watched eagerly over the past few years, as this phenomenon has grown increasingly popular within the international realms of fashion.
And after researching the trend for a fashion video that I worked on for a LivingTV last year, I was convinced that it was not going to fade away any time soon.

So when I was asked to work on a new campaign for Dockers menswear, I was more intrigued than surprised.
Alongside the beautiful brains behind two Brit-based menswear blogs, I was asked to style myself in pieces from the current collections of Dockers and was then photographed by streetstyle photographer, Wayne Tippetts on the streets of East London.

There were so many reasons why this project appealed to me instantly. Not only is the general concept of adapting menswear to suit the female form a greatly fun one but it absolutely ties in with the modern attitude towards fashion. As we struggle to keep afloat in such economically uncertain times, people become more experimental and practical with fashion. Everything is an option and practices such as upcycling and recycling are becoming the norm.

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to share a wardrobe with your boyfriend (even though he might disagree) and quite a liberating feeling to be able to waltz right into a menswear retailer and not leave empty handed.

Another reason why the campaign made me smile, was for the reason that Dockers are joining great brands such as Hunter and Forever21 and embracing the use of bloggers for advertising campaigns. Over recent years, models have been heavily replaced by celebrities in numerous high profile campaigns and now it seems, we’re giving rise to bloggers in the same capacity.

It’s a great idea. The company get the use a recognisable character, who a number of people can relate to, both parties can offer a great deal of exposure to the campaign and each other and of course, the blogger is duly compensated.

All too often you hear of work being done in exchange for clothes and general exploitation of any given blogger’s online presence, so it’s always refreshing to see the blogger being utilised in a way which is mutually beneficial!

I’m very grateful to Dockers for inviting me to be a part of this fun campaign and hope to be able to do more of this in future.

All photos are taken by Wayne Tippetts.

Trousers and shirt are from Dockers, shoes from Medwinds and vintage belt.

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